Saturday, May 12, 2012

Southern Ireland (Part 3) 2010

My Possie's in Kilkenny

Drombeg Stone Circle
When we left the hotel, Nicole was on a mission to find Drombeg Stone Circle, also known as Druid's Altar which was supposedly not far from our hotel.  With Mike driving and Nicole navigating, we were on a mission to find it, and I'm not sure why, but we were surprised when we ended up lost......AGAIN!  Now, don't get me wrong, being lost in Ireland is a good thing!

Blarney Castle
The stone circles are so interesting to me.  I was really excited when Nicole told me that she wanted to go find the circle, because I didn't know that there were any close by in the area we were at, but I have spent a lot of quality time reading a book series called The Outlander by Diana Gabaldon which is based around a stone circle in Scottland.  Needless to say, it was really cool to be in an actual stone circle.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Southern Ireland (Part 2) 2010

"Ballycarbery Castle Rewind!"

Something that is never hard to find in Ireland are abandoned castles!  As I mentioned before, It's been a few years since I went on this trip, so the dates and times of some of the events are a little rusty.  I forgot a VERY important part of our trip on my last blog.   Our accidental Irish castle exploration.   

At some point before or during our drive through the Ring of Kerry, we were aimlessly driving through some random backs roads looking for who knows what, and stumbled upon our first castle ruins..........Ballycarbery Castle!

I can still remember when we first saw it from the road.  We were probably about 3 miles from it, but when the first one of us saw it and pointed it out to the others in the car, we started screaming and bouncing up and down in our seats like a bunch of 12 year old girls at a Justin Bieber concert....sadly, I'm not making this up!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Baja California, Mexico 2012

South Of The Border!

The reason I choose to live in Southern California is because we have endless options of amazing things that we have access to.  Within a matter of hours we can be at the mountains, desert or the ocean. But one of my favorite things is the fact that we can drive just 20 minutes south of San Diego and end up in Mexico for a weekend of camping, dancing and wine tasting.  It's a cheap fun way to just get away and relax for a few days.

Fresh Pina Colada
Mexico gets a bad rap, mostly from negative media publicity, that scares tourists from ever traveling south of the border.  But Mexico is so much more than Tijuana.  Just south of the city is one of my favorite coastal drives along the Pacific Ocean.  Baja California!

With a caravan of 7 people, 2 dogs and 2 cars we headed down the coast to K58 campsite in La Fonda.  I have many fond memories from my early 20's of camping here, however I didn't get the chance to explore the area as much back then.  I was much more focused on the party scene.

I happened to have prior commitments on Saturday morning, so most of our group went down on Friday night, and the rest of us came down on Saturday morning just after I finished.  It was smooth sailing through the boarder and we made the drive all the way down in about an hour arriving around noon.  Since we arrived a day after everyone else, we were rested and ready to go.  The early arrivers on the other hand were recovering by the beach from a little to much tequila the prior night.  We took this opportunity to set up camp and head out to grab some lunch and margaritas at La Mision.